Our Facilities

Facilities For Hire at Buile Hill Academy

Buile Hill Academy is full to the brim of excellent facilities, halls and spaces for hire.

Take a look around the website to learn more about each one!

If your passion is dance and drama, we have a range of suitable facilities for you.

Our dance studio comes with mirrored walls and is suitable for activities such as martial arts and zumba as well. Likewise, the drama studio can be used for yoga, pilates and small training sessions.

As well as this, our main hall is a flexible space that can be used for a while variety of different occasions. It comes with retractable bleacher seating for 250 people, making it ideal for putting on grand performances.

Additionally, it provides a wide open space for other events, such as exercise and fitness classes, as well as large-scale conferences.

These are just a few examples of what you can do - contact us today to discuss more possibilities!